La Pavoni Esperto Abile

Product Code: PS08

Brand: La Pavoni

 La Pavoni Esperto Abile





Competition Lever Espresso machine for Espresso specialists.


The cutting edge model of domestic lever machines.
Valuable materials and the chance of a constant monitoring of the brewing pressure carried out by pulling down the lever, allow even the most demanding users to brew a customized espresso through repeatable extraction curves.

The new Esperto line is provided with professional devices as:

– Brewing pressure profiling
– Group Temperature indicator
– Two Steam Wands
– Competizione filters from 9, 16, 20 gr
– Shower “Competizione” with photo engraved membrane
– Coffee Tamper inox AISI 304, 300 gr
– Fascino Filter Holder allows to obtain creamy espresso coffees


Esperto Abile (Able Expert) by La Pavoni is a next level lever espresso machine espescially designed for the purest of baristas. 

This 16 cup (1.6L) boiler is equipt with both temperature guage and pump pressure guage. Ergonomic and tastefully finished wood grips and pro shower-screen. logo portafilter baskets for single and double shot. Professional polished metal tamper and naked portafilter compliment this revilutionary new version of a classic. 


Features and includes:


– Group Temperature indicator



    Brewing pressure profiling

– Two Steam Wands

– Competizione filters from 9, 16, 20 gr

– Shower “Competizione” with photo engraved membrane

– Coffee Tamper inox AISI 304, 300 gr


- Naked -Bottomless Fascino Portafilter + Standard Portafilter


1.6 Lt Boiler- Watertank


16 Cups Brewed


120 Volt 60Hz


Made in Italy





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